Good to see everyone pre-match and at the stadium today. Another game we should have won. Winter break up next. Then it is the red half of Merseyside at Carrow Road. OTBC.

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Preston Away – FA Cup


Preston away in the FA Cup 3rd Saturday and a very rare win for Norwich City. Before Saturday's matches, our club had the worst winless streak in the FA Cup across all 4 divisions! Forces2Canaries members Marty Power, Gary Wenn, Stephen Wenn, Derek Tomkinson, and Nev Townsend pictured with our flag after the final whistle. Another trip to the same part of the country beckons with a 4th round draw away at Burnley. Doubt many more than the 700 that went to Preston will be tempted by this uninspiring draw. Onwards and upwards. OTBC.

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FSA launches The Fans’ Manifesto


From the FSA website. In a little over four weeks millions of football fans will head out to cast their vote in December’s General Election – and the main political parties will be publishing manifestos including policies which could affect football. With that in mind the FSA has pulled together some core campaign ideas and asked all the major political parties whether they support The Fans’ Manifesto. The FSA does not favour one political party over another and football fans come from all walks of society. That means supporters can have wildly different views but we do think every fan should be [...]

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F2C Pre Season Update


August 03rd   NCFC v Toulouse KO 1600 09th    Premier League starts - Liverpool v NCFC 2000 Sky TV 17th   NCFC v Newcastle 1500 24th   NCFC v Chelsea 1230 31st   West Ham v NCFC 1500 September 14th         NCFC v Man City 1730 21st         Burnley v NCFC 1500 28th        C.Palace v NCFC 1500 Parking for next Friday will most likely be at or near Goodison Park stadium and a pub close by. Only a 10 minute walk from there to Liverpool ground. Will put our pub of choice on the [...]

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Fan groups meeting last night at Carrow Road


NCFC staff at the meeting.......... Ben Kensell (BK), Charlotte Foster, Lynette Hannant and Rebecca Shearer. Representatives from Forces2Canaries, Canaries Trust, Proud Canaries, Along Come Norwich, Barclay End Norwich and Capital Canaries.A brief overview of the points raised from last nights 90-minute meeting. From the club. Firstly NCFC stated the club acknowledged they got the membership scheme launch wrong and that they should have also consulted with fans much earlier in the process. The club has moved to a Commercial based membership. NCFC is a self-funded club and the only one in the EPL. In the Championship NCFC had one of the [...]

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Joint statement on behalf of NCFC supporter groups


Joint statement on behalf of supporter groups Along Come Norwich, Barclay End Norwich, Canaries Trust, Forces2Canaries and Proud Canaries Following on from last week’s announcement of the club’s new home and away membership schemes, we as supporter groups have been considering our position and talking to other fans about the impact this will have on them. Following receipt of this feedback we felt it would be useful to those interested to understand our position. It is clear from elements of the new membership scheme that the club have recognised the previous scheme had issues, particularly in how members were treated in [...]

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