Forces2Canaries Banger Rally 2023


As our rally start date rapidly approaches our team preps are complete. Gary and Nev will be off to the West Country this weekend to watch Plymouth vs Norwich City, travelling back Saturday night with enough time to sleep and load the rally car ready for Dover on Sunday afternoon. All your donations so far are really appreciated by the team, thanks for any further donations over the next 10 days as we head south to Gibraltar. Onwards and upwards.

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4SCOTS Coleman Memorial Match


Last night at the Nest, the 4SCOTS Coleman memorial match between the Sgts and Cpls mess took place. General Lord Rochard Dannatt, Derek Tomkinson, Marty Power Ben Palmer, and I were there to represent F2C at the first match for the Coleman Cup. Chris "Pike" Saddleton was our F2C representative, and he managed to play 8 mins for the Cpls near the end. He had a great chance to score, but the footballing gods deserted him as usual. The Coleman family were in attendance, and they were blown away by all the effort that went into staging last night. The [...]

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Forces2Canaries 20th Anniversary


Forces2Canaries 20th anniversary this month. Also this month we welcomed our 250th member to our group. At the Millwall (H) game, we will be taking part in the forces parade at halftime. Following the final whistle, 20 F2C members will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary with a meal in the fine city. Looking to the next 20 years, onwards and upwards.

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We are deeply saddened to hear of our Queen’s passing. For over 70 years, she has served her country with honour, dignity and grace. Thank you for your service. RIP Your Majesty.


Ben Kensell Leaves NCFC


Forces2Canaries members were disappointed to hear the news that our NCFC Chief Operating Officer Ben Kensell will be leaving the club shortly. Ben had always been very good to F2C including organising visits to the training ground for terminally ill fans and making phone calls to fans in hospital. While it has been stated the reason for Ben's departure had nothing to do with the BK8 sponsorship, hopefully, lessons will have been learnt by the club. However, fans need to pause and think before jumping in with both feet on social media in the future. The Commercial side of NCFC has [...]

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