That was the chant from the Wolves fans at the end of the game Tuesday night. Too be fair they were spot on. A team of big, strong, skilful and quick players was far too much for NCFC on the night. Most fans at Carrow Road will be surprised if Wolves don’t go up this season. 

This is in stark contrast to the Old Farm derby at Portaloo Rd on the 22 Oct. Norwich were by far the better team and worthy winners yet again against 1p5wich. We then had two games against Arsenal and Derby and IMO we didn’t deserve to lose either. The refs for both those games were shocking and highlighted the fact that standards are getting worse for some reason. 

We now move onto Bolton away this Saturday and hopefully the #ncfc fortunes will change up North. Fingers crossed.

Score prediction 2-1 to City.

Onwards and Upwards