Think it is fair too say that the last 12 months have been pretty crap for the club and the supporters. Relegation, 2 CEO’S and one manager departing, poor recruitment and an away form this season that even Wigan can better(so far). The board have taken some stick recently and quite rightly so however they should be applauded for changing the structure and bringing in Stuart Webber as SD. I believe the new structure of Managing Director and Sporting Director is the way forward. IMO the football club CEO role is too big and complex for one person these days and maybe the pressure finally got to David McNally last April.  As I type rumour has it Ricky Martin and the rest of the recruitment team are on their way out. Some would say about chuffing time. It’s never good to see people lose their jobs however I think massive changes are required and these 3 are part of that. 

Fans will look back on this season and most will regard it as one that NCFC failed to deliver even after 42 million pounds of payments from the Premier League. A play off spot was the minimum target given the squad we started with. Too many players I feel were not up for the battle of 46 games in this division and we cannot afford that next season. Thankfully the new SD seems to have a ruthless streak about him which is good as there is plenty of dead wood to throw overboard. Hope is all we have for now and next season. Onwards and Upwards.

Thanks to Mark Boast, Chris Spinks, Paul Myhill and David Holdsworth for representing F2C on the pitch Saturday

Armed Forces Day (AFD) is on the 24th June and we will be holding our usual BBQ at mine in Norwich. All are welcome just let me know the week before if you can make it.

Still waiting for some more orders before we can put in another order of F2C scarves.

Onwards and Upwards