Life is never dull supporting #ncfc and today just backed that up. A few hours after giving his normal Friday afternoon press conference Alex Neil was sacked. Granted he should have gone in 2016 but the timing of the announcement on Friday, does not do the under fire board any favours at all. For me the Board, the manager and the players are all to blame for the mess #ncfc are in tonight. This same board now need to appoint the new manager ASAP, so he can weed out the dross within the squad and prepare for next season. Warburton followed by Rowett would be top of my shopping list. Maybe they will go for one of the managers doing well in the lower leagues. Whichever way they go I just hope we don’t get the ” Well we searched throughout Europe for a new manager and the best we could find is at Colney” up steps Alan Irvine …..Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Moving onto Saturdays game which was meaningless game for most until Friday evening, this might now be a small indicator as to which players want to stay at Carrow Road next season. Lets hope we also get to see some of the youngsters in the starting line up. I’m sure the crowd will be a lot more forgiving now that Alex Neil has gone.

Prediction 3-1…..Jerome Howson Pritchard 

Onwards and Upwards