After the shock defeat to PNE we all said put it right at Leeds and Brighton and we will be back on track. Well after travelling 700 miles to see these games we are not remotely back on track. The last 30 mins were a horror show the likes of which I hope I never see again. It appears there maybe some unrest in the dressing room (see Paddy Davits piece on the Pinkun website  Monday ) which is never good and will result in Alex Neil collecting his P45 if he can’t sort it out quickly.

The Brighton defeat followed the #ncfc accounts being published for June 15-16. The club made a 9 million pound profit which is always good but expected after a year in the Premier League. One payment that sticks out was the £1.35 million to a certain D. McNally in May. Even taking into account the good job he did as CEO between June 2009-Nov 2015 I think it’s excessive. This is the price you pay these days, so I’m told (which no doubt includes the clause that DMc cannot work for another 12 months). Chuffing hell some crazy wages out there that’s for sure.

As you will see from the photo Myself, Chris Spinks, Mark Butty and Matty Fitch made the journey down to Brighton Saturday. Myself and Chris had also witnessed the Cup KO on pens at Leeds on the Tuesday (Shakes head in disbelief). Mark Butty finally got his hands on another two F2C scarves for his lads. I don’t think the horror show at Brighton has put the boys off supporting NCFC.

My promise to take the “Free Marine A” flag to all away games I go to started on Saturday. The EFL are not keen on Political flags in Stadiums so all photo opportunities are taken outside stadiums. Fantastic turnout by the Royal Marine community on Friday in Parliament Square. The message is out there loud and clear, just needs the present Govt to listen…….@justiceforBigAl #justiceformarinea