After what seemed like years we were finally relegated back to the Championship after a entertaining win against Watford on Wednesday night. Even the Barclay tourists found their voice for the first time this season. Too little too late is the old saying and how true that is for NCFC. Had we scored against Aston Villa, Bournemouth, C.Palace, Swansea away and Sunderland  at home it would have been a different ending to the season. Failing to have a proper recruitment team in place until March was a big mistake. This coupled with a suspect defence and a toothless attacking line up, the club were always going to struggle to stay up.

Just before we booked our place in the Championship our CEO of 7 years resigned the timing came as a surprise to one and all. I think its fair to say the board were happy too accept his resignation. F2C has put on record our appreciation of David McNally’s hard work and along with the Chairman, Lambert and Holt managed to propel us to the Premier League. However his time at NCFC had run out and we will look back on this and say it was the right decision. The attached link pretty much sums up his time at the club.

We move on to the Championship and renew our rivalry with the most consistent team in that league, 1p5wich Town at Portaloo Rd. At least they will fill their stadium at least once next season.


Onwards and Upwards………………..OTBC.