Set out below is the letter from our  Canaries Trust that they sent to all the CEO’s at Premier League football clubs last week. We at F2C fully support the work the Football Supporters Federation (FSF)  does on behalf of fans all over England. The campaign of #Twenty’sPlenty has been going on for some time. Hopefully at the next Premier League meeting we will hear some positive news re away fans ticket prices / Away Supporters Initiative (ASI).

4 Mar 2016
Trusts and fans groups at all twenty Premier League Clubs have written to each club asking them to support reduced away ticket prices and an increased Away Supporters Initiative. The Canaries Trust letter reads:-

“The Premier League is one of the world’s greatest leagues with an appeal that transcends borders and culture. While it’s obvious that a huge part of that appeal is on-the-pitch action it is our firm belief that match-going supporters play a vital role too.

Would the world watch if the stands were empty? We don’t think so.

Away fans are the Premier League’s most loyal “customer” – the majority are season ticket holders at their own club and invest huge amounts of time and money following their side on the road. Without their presence inside our stadiums the atmosphere suffers immeasurably.

Yet clubs treat the away fan as a second class citizen.

We call for all Premier League clubs to back:
• A £20 cap on all away tickets – Twenty’s Plenty;
• A substantially increased Away Supporters Initiative (potentially up to £1m per club per season set aside primarily to subsidise ticket prices and/or travel for fans);
• An increase in the availability and discounts offered to young adults.
Premier League media rights jumped from £5.2bn (2013-16) to £8.3bn (2016-19). Last season 13,746,753 fans attended a top-flight game. The £3.1bn increase alone equates to £75.17 for every fan, at every game across the three season deal. Clubs could basically let everyone in for free and still see an increase in revenue.

It’s in the game’s own interests to use a small fraction of that huge media deal to ensure football is affordable for the away fan. If the number of travelling fans falls significantly so too will the Premier League’s media deal. This is a financial argument, not just a moral one.

That is why we have written to all top-flight clubs asking them to back these measures which would help ensure stadiums remain vibrant and provide the spectacle that TV audiences across the globe love. All clubs must come together as fans have to recognise this and it’s for this reason that we’ve lobbied our own club and written to every opposition club.

One of the unique things about English fan culture is the extent to which we follow our teams across the country. That loyalty shouldn’t be taken for granted. Clubs must recognise this at March’s Premier League shareholders meeting – give Twenty’s Plenty your full support.

Yours faithfully,
Mike Reynolds
Canaries Trust Secretary

Other Norwich City supporters groups who have given their backing / support to this campaign and the CT letter are……Forces2Canaries, Barclay End Projekt, Kent Canaries and Chelmsford Canaries.”