Travelling to the Midlands on Saturday the main priority was getting a table in the Vine Pub near the ground. Those who have visited the pub will understand why. 3 points on the road had eluded us since that surprising win at Old Trafford on the 19th Dec. You always hope your team can come away with the points but with so many poor performances this season our hopes were not high. To be fair the game itself was poor but Robbie Brady’s 50th minute winner made up for that and the sense of relief from the city faithful at the final whistle was overwhelming. 4 points from the last two games, not many would have had that on their bets. We now move into this meaningless international break and two weeks free of top flight football. Will this help or hinder City !!!! at 1700 02nd April our progress will have become a tad clearer………OTBC