Bournemouth game was or groups away day and a good time was had by all. Interrupted by 90 mins of poor football by NCFC. AFC were far better than NCFC in all departments on the day. If we want to stay in this league you need to be beating or at least not losing to those around you in this league.

Having just got over losing to Liverpool yesterday this has been a poor 10 days on the pitch for NCFC. Our defence has more leaks than the hose I got off Amazon the other day. Not sure if we have a defence coach if not we need one quickly. Playing Liverpool at the moment is not the daunting prospect it used to be when they were in the top 5 most seasons. For the neutral Saturday’s early kick off was a great match to watch and it was for City fans until the defence pressed the self destruct button. That was probably the lowest i have ever felt after a game in 44 years not including relegation to League One in 2009. We all hope these new signings that NCFC have made collectively do the trick and save us from relegation. Special mention to new signing Steven Naismith the guy was instrumental in most of our plays Saturday. We still need at least another defender and one more striker before the transfer deadline runs out………………Onwards and upwards hopefully. OTBC