Another Alex Neil inspired performance at Upton park last Saturday which produced one point that should in all honesty have been three. Watching NCFC away (since Jan 2015) has become something to look forward to. London away days are always enjoyable. This is at a cost though well over £100 for our lat visit to Upton Park.  This Saturday the opposition comes in the form of Leicester City at Carrow Road. As always a tough game awaits NCFC, however with Alex Neil at the helm you always feel City have a chance of winning these games. Before the game the Nationwide Protest “Twenty’s Plenty” led by the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) will take place outside the Barclay Stand. Some club officials at NCFC may think this is aimed at the club in isolation. This is not the case, as the protest (which was announced back in July) is aimed at all the  Premier League clubs as a whole. With the new TV deal kicking in next season the cost to clubs to charge £20 for away fans would be less than 1% of their TV income. We the fans are treated badly far too often when it comes to ticket prices, fixture changes, kick off times, stewards / some Police Forces attitudes towards fans. The FSF aims to champion the cause of the football fan, their support grows by the week. We (F2C) are affiliated members of the FSF. The Protest locally will be led by the Barclay End Projekt (BEP) supported by ourselves, Proud Canaries and Canaries Trust. Also before kick off Saturday the club will be collecting for Save the Children Refugee Appeal. Our Super Six Leader at the end of the month was Scott Woodhouse.

Last night I attended (F2C have been part of the CT board since early 2014) the monthly meeting of the Canaries Trust. At the end of the meeting David McNally and Joe Ferrari came in and we had frank discussions, mainly about the forthcoming protest to be fair. All i shall say at this stage is we agreed to disagree.

Prediction for Saturday….3-1.