After the triumphant scenes at Wembley and the celebrations that followed came the long wait till Kick Off on Saturday the 8th of August.  Many column inches have been written about how well/poorly we will do in the top league. No one knows for sure how well we will cope but with Alex Neil at the helm most feel comfortable about our chances this coming season.

Not many transfers in to Carrow Rd at the moment, that in it’s self is no bad thing. Too many players coming in can disrupt the balance that’s been built up over the last eight months.

So it’s Palace on Saturday tough game (they all are) no matter the outcome I’m sure Alex Neil will ensure his players give it 100%.

Nev Glyn and Chris from F2C will be meeting up pre game in the Steam Packet pub this season.

Predictions…..Saturday 2-2 and for the Season 14th place…………………OTBC