On the eve of our trip to Watford I thought it was time to look back on Alex Neil’s first seven games in charge. Firstly the stats, 5 wins 1 draw and 1 defeat, not bad at all and as a comparison the same as Neil Adams first seven games in charge. The most pleasing  being the 2-0 home win against Wolves. At no stage during that game did Wolves trouble us and once the goal went in, there was only going to be one winner. We finally clawed our way into the top 6 after that game at long last. 15 games until the end of the season, my guess is that we will finish fourth and end up playing 1p5wich in the play offs. This isn’t a wish by the way but the law of all sods says this will happen, only question is will my heart stand up to it. Before that possible meeting we have the return leg of the Old Farm Derby at Carrow Rd on March 01st. Its been a while since we played them at Carrow Rd. I’m sure we all remember Grant Holt’s hat trick and Weslington’s little chip  over the keeper…oh happy days.

My score predictions for the next 3 games are : Watford 2-2….Blackburn 1-1….and finally a 3-1 win against the binmen.

Fair play to the club for laying on free travel for the away game at Blackburn this Tuesday. Hope the extra fans (including myself and “Barnet Beaver”) who will travel up to the game don’t have a wasted journey.

Congratulations to another local City Supporters group who have  rebranded themselves last week to the “Canaries Trust”(formerly the NCST). With a new Chairman and newly co opted members onto the board, the Trust is moving forwards and maintaining its position as the lead NCFC Supporters Group.

Lastly I would like to mention the negative press #ncfc are receiving over the price of tickets for the Derby County fans next month. I have plenty of sympathy with #dcfc fans over these grossly inflated prices.  Although the £35 we charged Brentford fans for a midweek game in February was far worse IMO and #ncfc should take a hard look at themselves over this.  As some have rightly said though #dcfc fans will pay far more next season if they get promoted. The powers that be at CR seem to be ensuring we charge away fans the most in the Championship this season. This ticketing issue is a football wide one, not just a NCFC one.  The bottom line is that clubs are a business, we are customers and maximum revenue is the top priority unfortunately. I’m  a great believer in the FSF (Football Supporters Federation) campaign #twentyisplenty this is a great idea and I hope they succeed with this sometime soon……..OTBC.