Two disastrous away performances have seen Neil Adams fall on his sword. Those that witnessed the performances (and yes I did) will be asking how much were the players playing for the manager, not much by the look of it. The official line from Carrow Road was that Neil agreed to resign after meeting with the board over the weekend. Resigned / pushed or backed into corner, at the end of the day he has gone and the hashtag #ncfc went into overdrive after 1300 yesterday. Neil Adams like Chris Hughton is a nice guy, so say all those that meet him, unfortunately for Neil that won’t keep you in a job these days. It’s clear watching NCFC play this season that he found it tough at the helm of NCFC. Many would say he made too many basic mistakes that had the fans questioning his suitability. However in all this hiring and firing it’s the board that need to look at themselves and ask could we have handled all this better. The answer is yes of course. The failure to release Chris Hughton from his contract this time last year was a big big mistake, although a small number of fans including some Daily Express hacks thought otherwise. After relegation the club was screaming out for some experience not a rookie U18 manager with zero first team managerial time under his belt. 18 managers in 19 years is not a good stat at all to have staring you in the face as you search for a new manager. The appointments of ex NCFC players have proved to been our downfall recently with Grant and Gunn falling well short of what’s required. The time for someone with no ties to the club is upon us. Hoddle, Lennon, Howe, Robinson and Garcia are all names that have been mentioned in the last 36 hours. For me I would go for Howe with Hoddle and Robinson as  backstops. If you believe the club that they are looking for another manager surely the new manager will HAVE to work with Phelan. Not only Phelan but also this management team that the CEO has put in place. Many managers will be put off by this as they like to have complete control. Maybe we need a billionaire American sports owner to step in and turn the club round. Plenty around so I hear.