The defeat yesterday at Reading marked the end of the NCFC Christmas fixtures. Giving us a full house. Win, Loss and a Draw. In years gone by that would have been regarded as a good return. However when you are playing catch up and with the strongest squad (so some believe) 4 points is not good enough. In the cold light of day this squad isn’t the best in the league although I suspect some players think they are and all they need to do is turn up to win. With the top two in this division having average squads but good managers it’s all there to see where it’s going wrong at NCFC. The board have made the massive mistake of hiring a complete novice in the season where experience of this division was paramount. Granted we had good wins against Huddersfield and Millwall recently and the latter where very very poor but it only served to paper over the giant cracks that were appearing. Last season many of us could see Negative Chris and his tactics would lead us to relegation from a very early stage. This season can we make the play offs, of course we should do with ease, however it appears we will struggle. What odds a NCFC v 1p5wich in the play offs. No let’s not think about that one just yet. Saturday sees us going to Preston in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. City should put out a virtual 2nd string side on the day, this should be good enough to beat them.That said we all remember Luton at home under Chris Hughton. So let’s hope the players that play do a professional job and try to stake a claim for the 1st eleven. Predictions for the next game is a win for City 3-1………..OTBC.