This meeting was held on Wednesday evening. Chris Spinks was the only representative from the 3 locally based supporter groups. His feedback from the meeting follows, many thanks Chris…..



  1. Season Ticket Renewals – Currently stands at 22,000, with around 15,000 on the interest free direct debit scheme – whilst this means that the club doesn’t get its money up front they accept that if people had to pay all at the time of renewal they would probably have a significantly lower number of season tickets.


Renewal period to stay as is even though we do not know what league we will be in, take up is usually in the low 90% at first cut off date so most people get their tickets at the first price offered. Some discussion on if this should wait until we knew where we would be but general opinion was that current timing arrangements are fine.


The view of those at the meeting was that there would be a negative reaction if price of tickets was to go up irrespective of what league we were in next season. Waiting list is currently at circa 700 people


  1. Match tickets – The cost of the tickets was discussed, with the 23 games in the championship it was reasonable value for money, no game is expected to be under £25 for a match ticket for the casual supporter (23 games x £25 = £575) and this gives season ticket holders a saving compared to buying casual tickets. Highest price expected this year was Leeds & 1p5wich both at £40 a game.


Priority Membership – Positive reaction to this from the meeting, they are generally able to get tickets. Keep as is.


Away Points – Probably the most discussed point. Generally opinion was to scrap the points allowances for Season Ticket and Members and to use the number of points you get for an away game. I suggested that they had this information on their computer and that their should be a rolling period for the points allocation, either one or two seasons. As an example I quoted myself, I have 1500 points this would become 500 points. They would then know how to put the points allocation onto the ballot of tickets and it would enable those that go to the away games to get a ticket. We quoted the example of the Capital Canary members who would probably want to go to Millwall, Fulahm, Charlton, Brentford, Watford, Bournemouth, Brighton, Reading, 8 games but if they were only a ‘member’ they would be on 900 points way behind season ticket holders who only go to a couple of away games. They seemed to take this on and agreed to go away and review.


The point of allocation by away clubs to ourselves was brought up, the club explained that whilst most clubs were willing to let us have as many tickets as possible for our games, eg Sheff Wed – the stand we were in holds nearly 4000, some clubs irrespective of the fact that we can sell more tickets and have the space, eg 1p5swich and Forest will only allocate the league minimum. A couple of the grounds do not even have the facility to allocate the minimum (Rotherham for example) and they know that they will have to introduce a strict ballot allocation for these type of games.



There was no incentive from the Football League to encourage away support in the manner of the Premier League, ie no money had been put aside to support travel or reduced tickets.

The club did say that they were working with some clubs to try to get cheap tickets and organise a ‘Big Day Out’, possibilities were Wigan or Bolton where we may be able to secure cheap tickets for up to 5000 fans.


The club also advised that they have already investigated the issue of play-off final tickets if this comes into play this season.


Casual Ticket Sale Dates – There was no issue on this, those with Memberships were able to get tickets.


A fall out of this discussion was the ground extension. It was discussed that plans had been drawn up for ground improvements to be made if this happened, an example being ‘temporary’ seating in the hotel corner for away fans only.


The improvements to the segregation of the away fans this season meant that only 120 seats were now unavailable as opposed to 500 so more tickets are now available to home supporters.


( As an aside it will be interesting to see the gate for Friday – Danny only expects 300 Bolton fans so take that number off the gate and that is the number of home fans prepared to come to a televised game).


Movers and Shakers Week – Danny felt that this was now redundant and that currently there are opportunities for people to move their seat location during the current season.


A few other points came up


U21’s / Academy – interestingly nearly 10,000, as opposed to just 9000 last season,  contribute through their season ticket to the Academy. They plan to use Carrow Road for some  more U21 games this season with a minimal cost to supporters, a suggestion of £1 per ticket was made, as they would not expect the huge numbers again, they will probably use the Jarrold stand as this holds nearly 8000. One point to note was that they received no revenue from BT for showing the U21 game against Tottenham.


Big screens are in the pipeline …………..


The Gun n Club membership was discussed as those who paid did not feel it was value for money, nearly £9 per game for just the opportunity to have an expensive drink or snack, very little else on offer compared to the local drinking establishments and it was felt  that a review for what this facility offered was needed; the underlying current was that those contributing thought they were being priced out for space for corporate usage by the club, which was denied…….