What better place to mark Trafalgar Day (21st Oct), than the very spot Lord Nelson’s body was brought ashore after the battle of Trafalgar. So after a full healthy ish breakfast the guys set of for Rosia Bay, while the ladies went shopping and drinking. Much later we found out that more drinking took place than shopping, not sure which is the cheapest. On arrival at Rosia Bay we were a little disappointed to see that there is only a small sign behind a bus shelter to inform tourists of the relevance of Rosia Bay.

Local lore has it that Lord Nelson’s body was taken ashore at the bay, for transfer from a barrel of brandy to a barrel of alcohol (spirit of wine) in preparation for the return to Engalnd. The Royal Navy denies this.

So some 209 years later the 5 of us (Andy Gedge Paul Palmer Nev Townsend Rob Stephens and Neil Hall) marked Trafalgar Day 2014 at the Bay with a couple of tot’s of  Rum each to toast Lord Nelson, or as someone said later “The Guvnor”.